Library News

Recent Additions to the Grace Library—

LIBRARY NEWS—Grace library has received a new Superbook DVD for children that is a cartoon Bible story called “Tower of Babel.” There will be a series of these DVDs that have been donated to the library by Shirley Busse and we would like to thank Shirley for her generosity. A notice will be posted when a new DVD arrives in the library. So if you should get bored this summer and are looking for something to do – stop by Grace library and check out a DVD or a book or two!

“Check Out” These New Books—”Israel: A Biblical Tour of the Holy Land” – A handsome tour of the Holy Land. Particularly suited to travelers planning a tour of the Near East. “Route 66” – Not about the classic American highway, but about the classic book, the Protestant Bible, with its 66 books. A user-friendly way to get inspired and skills to get more from the Bible. “Mary Magdalene, A Novel” – A vivid story of the enigmatic Mary of Magdala told with respect to the biblical account yet with imagination by Diana Wallis Taylor.

LIBRARY NOTES— Pastor Ken procured for the Grace library an autographed copy of “A Journey of Grace, The Formation of a Leader and a Church,” by Herbert W Chilstrom. Pastor Chilstrom was a pastor very much involved in the formation of the ELCA, and he served as its first presiding bishop. The book will be displayed on the new book rack on the south wall of the library. Pastor Chilstrom defines himself as “an evangelical conservative, with a radical social conscience.” If anyone reads the book please forward your impressions to the Librarian so we can share with the congregation.

WORTH CHECKING OUT IN THE LIBRARY—Americans aged 12 to 32, “The Millennials,” and their relation to
“church” are the focus of an interesting article in the August issue of “The Lutheran” magazine, available on the table in the Library. Especially, check out the political/religion insights on pages 22 and 23.

LIBRARY NEWS – If you missed Dr Nessan’s talk, or if you heard the talk but want to read more, the library now has a copy of “Shalom Church”. Check it out and read it at your leisure. Also, “The Lutheran Weekly” is now kept in the magazine/book rack on the south wall just like all other returned books.

NEARER MY GOD, An Autobiography of Faith, by William F. Buckley Jr – “Buckley movingly explores the implications of a faith (Roman Catholic) he has questioned, but never doubted.”

THE FIVE PEOPLE YOU MEET IN HEAVEN by Mitch Albon – “…a beautifully crafted novel that explores a mystery only heaven can unfold.”

THE SNOW ANGEL by Glenn Beck. VEGGIE TALES, “An Easter Carol” DVD – “Inspired by Dicken’s Christmas
classic,this special Veggie Tale film explains why millions of Christians around the world celebrate
Easter past, present, and future.”

BAPTISM, Paul Engle series editor. The what, who, when, why of baptism defended and critiqued from Baptists, Lutheran, Reformed, and Christian Church/Churches of Christ viewpoints.

PRAYER POWER, How to Pray When You Think You Can’t. by Marci Alborghetti. A practical guide to spiritual renewal through prayer.

SUNRISE, by Karen Kingsbury. A novel for women. The New York Times describes Mrs. Kingsbury as America’s #1 inspirational novelist.

THE MYSTERY OF THE MISSING PANDAS, DVD, A video starring Chadder Chipmunk. (Used for last year’s VBS.)