by Bill Nattress

We are nearing completion of the Capital Campaign that started in January of 2015. In that time, we have completed many significant projects around the Church property; replacement of the parking lots along with new lighting, new flooring and ceiling tiles within the Narthex and in Grace center, new choir robes, bathroom renovations, just to name a few. You may recall that the projects were prioritized into three groups, we have completed all of the group A projects and are on target to complete all of the group B’s as well. The committee is looking at the group C projects to complete the campaign.

As of this moment we have $497,556 committed against the goal of $780,430 of which about $509,524 has been received. This also represents approximately $50,952 that has been set aside for the tithe to be given to the Synod at the completion of the campaign. Some gifts to the campaign will be completed at the end of this year while a few will continue into the spring.

A celebration event is being planned for April 22nd of next year as a thank you for all that participated in donations of time, talent, and funds as well as making the formal presentation of the tithe to the Synod. Mark your calendars now for this wonderful event!

There is still time to make a donation to the campaign. Just let the Church office know. By answering the call to help we will continue to carry forward this gift of faith and Sharing God’s Grace! Thanks Be To God!

WELCOME CENTER HOST- A Welcome Center Host is needed for the second Sunday of each month before and after the 10:45a.m. service. This is an important way we reach out to visitors and members alike. Please contact Janette Hess at if you are interested or would like more information.

Projectionist Needed: The 10:45 Sunday service is need of a volunteer to run our projection sytem during the service once a month. Training available from a seasoned projectionist. If you can click a mouse and follow along with the service you can do this job. Please consider this volunteer opportunity.

BULLETIN & PRESENCE LIGHT SPONSORS- 2018 Bulletin & Presence Light sponsor sheets are available in the green binder at the Welcome Center. A month prior to your sponsoring, a form will be sent to you requesting information and a donation of $20 for the Bulletins & $10 for the Presence Light. Thank you for helping us fund the weekly bulletins and presence lights.

Please contact Ron Fredriksen for more details about the ministries’ needs.
Thank you for helping in the supply of these items. Their availability will mutually enhance our music ministry and our worship together.

The Worship & Music Committee Sue Olson, Chair


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