Grace Scholarship Funds

LUTHERAN COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS—If you are heading to an accredited Lutheran college this fall, you are eligible for the Allen Memorial Scholarship. To apply, click on the Allen Endowment Application link below. Then fill out the form and bring it to the church office by July 1st. If you have any questions, please contact the church office.

Click here for Allen Endowment Application


GRACE SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS—The Endowment Committee at Grace Lutheran Church is responsible for administering the Readel Memorial Scholarship Fund and Allen Memorial Scholarship Fund. Both of these scholarships are for post high school education.  The Readel Memorial Scholarship Fund is available to students or adults pursuing any program whose primary purpose is religious education.  The Allen Memorial Scholarship is for undergraduate college students attending an accredited Lutheran institution. These funds are for active members of Grace Lutheran Church who are in good standing. The money awarded each year depends on the amount available.  Monies are to be paid directly to the institution and not to the student or parents.

Applications are available in the Church Office or on the Grace website. On the navigation bar at the top go to education, then scholarships. Scholarship applications for both the Readel and Allen funds are due into the Grace Lutheran Church Office by July 1, 2018. All scholarship applications are reviewed by the Endowment Committee and voted on during the quarterly meeting in July; payments are made in August.


Click here for Readel Memorial Scholarship Application

Click here for Allen Endowment Application


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