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PRESCHOOL FUNDRAISER– Our Annual Fall Fest Family Night is held each September from 5:00 – 7:30 p.m.  This is a fun night for our families to eat, play games, and win a prize!  Each classroom will have their own themed basket.  You may donate gift cards or items to match the themes.  More to come in our weekly newsletter!

GRACE PRESCHOOL HELPING HANDS– Every year our preschool is very grateful for the generous donations we receive from our families and our church members. This year we continue our HELPING HANDS: HELP US GROW! Campaign. Helping Hands are posted on the bulletin board (upstairs) and the kiosk (downstairs) showing items we are in need of.

Such items are:
*Walgreens gift card for photo printing
*Mailing labels
*Laminating sheets
*Select-a-size paper towels
*Bottles of 100% juice

If you are able, please take a helping hand or two with you and return it with your donation. Be sure to include your name so that we can give you a big THANK YOU!!

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After a two year self-study
process, the Evangelical Lutheran Education Association Visitation Team completed a full
evaluation of our preschool. We are very excited to announce that the Accreditation Visitation
Team has recommended our preschool for a full accreditation to the ELEA!!!

What does this mean for our preschool ministry and our church? We are officially an ELEA Accredited
Early Childhood Center. This is an important milestone for our school and is the highest honor a school can
achieve within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Our congregation, community and
perspective preschool families can be assured that we are a strong Christ-centered, developmentally
appropriate program that offers a solid educational foundation for children ages two through five. The ELEA
standards give us a sharpened focus on our spiritual development and curriculum as well as our overall
mission. We have also put into place an ongoing strategic improvement plan that keeps us on track as our
school grows. We look forward to our achievement becoming a powerful marketing tool to help us grow and
become eligible for future grants.

This amazing moment in our preschool’s history is not possible without the support and dedication of so
many people. We thank Pam Richards & Sue Aavang for serving on the ELEA Visitation Team. Thank you to the Accreditation Steering Committee who was a part of this journey from the beginning. We recognize Mike Kozlow, Linda Mindrum, Mary Noe, Tammy Baier and Erica Schwanke. A very big thank you also goes to our teachers, Preschool Committee Members, Congregational Council, Pastor Ken & Pastor Amanda as well as the entire congregation. Our preschool ministry is blessed because of your support and continued prayers.

Registration Information

Our registration continues throughout the school year as children are ready to come to school. Please
help us spread the word to families that may be in need of a preschool for those children ages 2 through 5. Schedule a visit with the preschool and find enrollment information on our website under Preschool.

Look for this year’s Giving Tree in the preschool hallway. If anyone is interested in making a donation
to preschool, please pick from our tree and bring back the item listed. Our “wishes” include things such as
Colored Xerox paper, colored duct/masking tape, 100% juice and Magic Eraser cleaning pads. We thank you in advance for your generosity.

Preschool documents in pdf format:

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