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Weekender Events

Grace Weekenders
(That’s you!)

The “Weekenders” is not a committee or a commitment— it’s just the term for adults who enjoy outings or social gatherings with other members of Grace!

The goal is for there to be an event every month or so.  It could be a party, a volleyball night, a hayride, a game night, a scavenger hunt or anything else a group of people could do in or around Woodstock.

Would you be willing to come up with an idea and organize one event for next year? Please contact the fellowship committee if you are willing to host/organize and event.

PLEASE consider hosting an event…

GRACE WEEKENDERS If you have an activity that you enjoy and would like a little company doing it, then how about adding it to the Weekender’s Event Calendar and coordinating it? Weekenders is open to all adults. If you have any questions, please call Martha Fleck at 815-451-6777. We need your help and your ideas!

Weekenders Events Scheduled for 2016

*** Cancelled *** VINO AND VINYL WEEKENDERS EVENT— Friday, April 22, 7:30 pm. All are welcome! Join us for an evening of fellowship, listening and dancing to music played on the turntable, and a blind wine tasting. Bring your favorite white or red wine, and your favorite albums. Not a wine lover, or don’t have any albums handy? No worries, bring your own beverage, and join us for fellowship and music! Prizes awarded for best wines, album cover, and more! Details and sign-up on the Activity Board. Hosted by Rick and Billie Cornell, Bill & Lynn Nattress.