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Sunday School Registration

Sunday School Registration Form
1300 Kishwaukee Valley Road
Woodstock, IL 60098
Fax: 338-0913

Please complete a separate form for each child.

Melissa McMahon, Director of Education Ministries

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Waiver By registering online and clicking here guardian agrees that they shall hold harmless Grace Lutheran Church, 1300 Kishwaukee Valley Road, Woodstock, Illinois and all its agents from any legal action or discourse that may arise from any and all accidents or injuries that may occur to the undersigned while engaging in athletic activities on the premises of Grace Lutheran Church for the period beginning July 2018. Privacy Policy
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I/We as parent/guardian of above named child(ren) give Grace Lutheran Church permission to use photographs and/or video of my child(ren) for ministry promotional purposes. I understand that promotional photographs and names of those pictured may be submitted to local newspapers or used on Grace Lutheran's church website for publicity purposes. Privacy Policy.